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About Us

Petra is all about moving ahead in a new direction and since its establishment in 2000 it become a leading name in exporting high quality goods. We are proud to be motivated in introducing the latest products. We continue to combine innovation technology and superior craftsmanship to make products of impeccable quality. We also firmly realize our commitment to give new direction to the whole industry of Sporting Goods.

What we hope to accomplish through our products and activities. It's a testament of our conviction only when impeccable gloves enable athletes to realize their full attention and maximize performance with their style.


Petra Sport platform is a clear expression of our vision, our mission, and our values. The brand platform is the foundation and guide for all of our activities, so all employees should be familiar with it.


As part of Petra's commitment to provide best quality, we are improving day by day in technical excellence underlying our products and our marketing support according to modern rising standard and challenge. By envisioning us and product as two side of the same coin, we're pushing our business into new and innovation territory. We are building a reputation of superior technology and marketing, thus increasing our presence in the market place.

We use the world's highest technology, quality materials and skilled workforce to manufacture the high quality gloves. We have strong desire to supply our customers with better quality products and service. Customer's ideas, design and samples are welcome. We turn customer ideas in to reality by providing the best quality gloves and we enjoy the challenges given by our customers. All presence and patronage with cordially invited.

Our team's are highly qualified and well experienced. As we have a good international reputation based on high quality and good service, we have satisfied buyers worldwide. Our experienced also has handled volumes of orders for a lot of famous brands name in glove industry.

Every month our designer team produces new eye catching designs which are appreciated
by our customers. We are checking the quality each and every stage the range of gloves
type we can make all the styles with imported materials.