Item Code | PBG‐110


PETRA has been at the forefront of boxing gloves on the market and now we have a new improved glove design.
These boxing gloves are made with Premium Quality synthetic Leather and high density Gel latex rubber padding
with incorporating our extra‐strength Velcro closure. Quick drying lining. Attached thumb for added safety, Velcro
strap perform gloves
A wrist strap. These high quality gloves look and like the adult professional gloves.
Authentic PETRA boxing Gloves now with exclusive Gel Lining and multi‐layered 'Injection' foam padding.
Awesome wraparound adjustable wrist strap and hook‐and‐loop closure for secure fit. A perfect combination of
performance, style and comfort. The PETRA boxing gloves from PETRA offer incredible protection for your hands
as well as an amazing design.
PETRA gears takes the all the best features115